Sara Stone Margarita Levieva, Michelle Bobe Nude - The Deuce s01e03 (2017) Lick

Sara Stone Margarita Levieva, Michelle Bobe Nude - The Deuce s01e03 (2017) Lick play

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I could talk to her about everything, and she used to laugh at me when she heard me talking to the horse about my boyfriends. I had to lean on one hand, almost lifting myself off the saddle to get up in the right position to start sliding it in
. I never made it back to the farm after that.

. We are all exhausted and thirsty so I get some refreshments from the fridge and when I return our new friend is going down on Toni again she is wiggling all over trying to meet his tongue and get it to where she wants it ,I set the drinks down and just sit and watch for a while then grab the camera for some close ups zooming in on all the drying sticky come on her body and his tongue sliding in and out if her pussy and licking her clit I zoom in on her face you can see just the moment when she is about to explode her mouth forms a perfect oh shape and she screams she is coming I switch to catch her squirting all over his face in a close up position the porno people could not ask for a better shot it was classic! Now that things calmed down I handed out drinks, I untied Toni but told her not to take off the blind fold and she obeyed because she knew there would be more to come. I have stayed in touch with my friend and kept him up to date on when we would get together again ,he said he was excited and could not wait it was great the last time Read more Toni now want to take off the blind fold but we will not let her she wants to know who is our new sex partner, she is begging but I tell her that is not how it works we are going to use her, fuck her, lick, suck, tease her and she is not going to find out who it is till I am ready to reveal him to her, she grunts and gives in. PORN HD Fucking "Are you scared of, you, know, doing it?" Penny shook her head. " "Feel better?" Penny nodded

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Margarita Levieva, Michelle Bobe Nude - The Deuce s01e03 (2017)

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She needs to wear lipstick all the time. @Kurokawa Sarina