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Her eyes were ablaze with myriad emotions. “This,” I said, and took her in my arms


. “Wait…wait a second. Hardcore Fucking German Two. I pulled them aside and sucked on my fingers, and then I slowly pushed two of my fingers into her pussy. Once I had finished cumming I noticed she was crying and was gathering up her cum soaked clothes and was trying to put them on

Megan Rain Mouth

As soon as we got there she pushed me against the wall and pushed her lips against mine, I let her tongue into my mouth and one of the best feelings I had ever had washed over my body.


“No you’re out this late because of me, I’ll drive you right to your front door to make sure you get home safe and sound!” The look in her eyes melts my heart, it’s like she never been shown common decency before. Well at least this time Phillip deemed me worthy of a phone call

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. A pleasant thirteen minute trip in my Vauxhall Vectra, which is done in silence since I wasn’t familiar with the roads what with living in my studio
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